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NVA Public Auto Auction in Manassas Virginia.


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How to Buy at NVA Public Auto Auction

  1. No Special License Required!  You do not need a dealer license to purchase a vehicle at Northern Virginia Public Auto Auction. We are Open to the Public, Anyone is Welcome.
  1. There is a $200 Cash Refundable Registration Fee to BID and a valid picture ID (DRIVERS LICENSE, PASSPORT, ETC.)!  If you do not purchase a vehicle just bring your bidder card back to the office at any given time during the auction and your deposit will be returned. If you purchase a vehicle your deposit goes toward the purchase.
  1. Preview!  Please come visit us at anytime during regular business hours to preview our vehicles. In addition, on auction day you can come as early as 8:00am before the auction begins to Preview and ask any questions you like.
  1. Some vehicles may have a low Reserve Price on them!  This means the seller has set a minimum price for his/her vehicle, but it is usually so low that it doesn’t even compare to the prices you would pay at a retail car dealer.
  1. Bidding on a vehicle! When you raise your bidder card in the air and place a bid it is your choice, you are in control.  As you bid you can pick and choose what price you feel comfortable bidding and if you do not like a price you can simply lower your bidder card and the Auctioneer will know you are done bidding.
  1. Important Information Before You Bid! We want all our potential customers to understand we care about you and want you to have a great experience.  Part of that involves some information that will be obvious to the majority of you, but still important information before you bid.

Simply put, thinking you are buying a perfect vehicle is not a realistic approach to have.  However, what is realistic is that if you take the time to research the vehicles you want, discover the retail prices at dealerships and create a budget for potential fixes you will understand better how much money you will save off the dealership price before you bid.  Even better is if you know how to turn a wrench and are mechanically savvy you can save yourself even more money by cutting out the labor costs.  In either scenario you are in a great position to save thousands and have a reliable vehicle that will hopefully last you years to come.


  1. Buyers Fees! These are fees that are added to the final sale price of the vehicle. There is a $50.00 minimum buyer’s fee or 10% whichever is higher up to a $250.00 cap. Example: If you purchase a vehicle that does not exceed $750 then your buyer’s fee would be $75 for that vehicle. Example two: If you purchase a vehicle for $900 then your buyer’s fee would be $90 and so on up to but not over a $250 cap.


  1. Titles or Title Applications! Once you provide us with the mileage, titles or title application paperwork will be ready on the 3rd business day after the auction, unless other wise noted on our auction list or on the vehicle itself.

Please come and enjoy our family friendly auto auction.  Our customers are the most important part of our business!

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